How to Prepare for That all important Interview

How to Prepare for That all important Interview

Preparation is essential for a successful job interview. So here are some key points you'll need to cover to practice for the big day.


It is so important to fully research the organization you are applying to, this will show your potential employees that you have made the effort and done your homework.

Make sure you visit their website and seek background information on the company, read press releases and write down key points of interest that you could bring up in the interview. This will help you to answer any questions they have and make you stand out as knowledgeable and prepared.


Plan and decide what you are going to wear to your interview, make sure you are looking you best for example get a haircut, make sure you clothes are properly ironed and your shoes are shiny. Not only will this make you look professional it will also give you more confidence in you interview.


Prepare you response to the common interview questions such as tell me about yourself and what are your strengths and weaknesses. Having a response ready will keep the interview flowing and negate any awkward silences while you try to think of an answer.


Make a list on things you may need whilst at the interview eg A pen and notepad or an extra copy of your CV. this may seem obvious but it will make you feel more prepared for the interview if you know you have everything at the ready.


Plan your journey to the interview. Calculate how long it will take you to get there and allow a lot of extra time for any eventuality such as train cancellations etc. A potential employer will be less than impressed if you are late.

Selling yourself

Prepare to answer questions that will showcase that you are the best person for the job. Make sure you know the job description well and tailor your answers to fit with this job description. Outline your past achievements and demonstrate how they could work in this role. Practice your answers out loud before the interview.

Difficult Questions

Try to think of any questions that you would not like to be asked and prepare an answer to them in case they are. This will boost your confidence and make you feel more prepared to face any awkward questions.

Body language

Be aware of how you hold yourself and what your body language portrays. Think your movements through ahead of time so you are not distracted or distracting.

Follow these tips and you will feel confident and well prepared for your up and coming interview.